TSCI2024 TSCI2024 The 7th International Textile Supply Chain Industry expo

>> International Fashion Digitalization Exhibition:Assist traditional clothing factories in the transformation and upgrading of "digital intelligence"

After new retail, new manufacturing is the key point. Digitization, informatization, automation and intelligent innovation run through the entire garment processing and manufacturing industry. As a garment production enterprise, the way to profit is nothing more than "open source" and "reduce expenditure", the key point is flexible manufacturing. TSCI 2024 International Fashion Digitalization Exhibition relies on two new media platforms of garment intelligent manufacturing, comprehensively understanding the requirements of the industry and empowering the links.

>> Exhibition Scope

Intelligent typography system, 3D scanning measurement, new manufacturing supply chain, customized shopping guide APP,  customized system, production information cloud platform, visual control and management system, production planning management system, intelligent production management system, intelligent sewing, intelligent post-finishing, intelligent cutting bed, intelligent hanging, smart warehousing, smart store, distribution system DRP/POS, etc.

>> Intelligent Plant

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We look forward to
listening the voice of industry with you,
discussing the pain points and solutions on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading,
and opening a new chapter of textile industry together!
September 12-14, 2024
Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall Guangzhou

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