TSCI2024 TSCI2024 The 7th International Textile Supply Chain Industry expo

>> International Printing and Dyeing Industry & Functional Finishing Application Exhibition: One-stop solution to the industry pain points

Printing and dyeing industry as an important technical support of high value-added clothing fabrics, home textiles and high-tech textiles and other industries, it is the intermediate link of the textile industry chain, connecting the upstream textile fiber and the downstream textile and clothing industry, so it plays an important role in the whole textile industry. In the future, the green industry and culture driven by innovation, the leading fashion industry will be the new orientation of our textile and apparel industry. TSCI 2024 International Printing and Dyeing Industry & Functional Finishing Application Exhibition will focus on "Technology, Fashion, and Green", with technical innovation, intelligent manufacturing, product upgrading and energy saving and environmental protection as important support, to build technology-intensive, resource-saving, environment-friendly and science and technology talent intensive industry, so as to promote the industry's high-quality development.

>> Exhibition Scope:

Textile chemical dyes and auxiliaries:
Direct dye, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, disperse dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes, cationic dyes, oil-soluble dye whitener, digital printing ink, ink, paint and color paste. Pretreatment and post-treatment auxiliaries, functional textile auxiliaries, fabric dyeing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, pigment additives and biological enzyme.

Printing and dyeing equipment and accessories:
Fulling machine, dyeing machine, pre-dyeing process machine, post-dyeing finishing machine, printing and dyeing auxiliary machine, cloth washing machine, dehydrator, dryer, singeing machine, general device for printing and dyeing, automatic control equipment, dye mixer, filter press, filter device, nickel mesh pump, valve and analysis and detection equipment.

Printing equipment and accessories:
Automatic printing machine, digital printing equipment, flat/rotary-screen printing machine, oval-screen printing machine, cold transfer printing, hot transfer printing equipment, dryer, steam washer equipment and its accessories.

Environmental protection equipment and technology:
Waste water and gas process equipment, material and whole-set technology plan and energy conservation and emission reduction plan.

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March 21-23,2024
Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

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