TSCI2024 TSCI2024 The 7th International Textile Supply Chain Industry expo

>> International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition: Make printing simpler and more scientific

The emergence and development of digital printing technology has promoted the digital production marketing and production mode, which makes the personalized demand get quick and effective response. Thus, it can catalyze the growth of personalized garment market and home textile market, and make it possible to generate equal high profits. And the revolutionary technological innovation of digital printing will greatly expand the floral design and quality category of textile printing, so as to expand the new market for garment, home textile and other enterprises at the lower end of the industrial chain. Under the influence of the epidemic, the rise of e-commerce live streaming has promoted the development of digital printing. It can be said that digital printing is not only a progress of printing and dyeing technology, but more importantly, it will bring a reform from production mode to trade mode and to the whole textile and apparel industry. The 8th International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo of 2024, is co-organized by Shaoxing Mihong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., It is committed to helping textile and apparel enterprises to upgrade their business models, enhance terminal value, and expand diversified channels.

>> Exhibition Scope

Printing Equipment:
Digital printing machine, automatic printing machine, semi-automatic printing machine, manual printing machine, flat-screen printing machine, rotary-screen printing machine, laser cutting equipment, plate-making equipment drier path, printing fort, heat press machine, bronzing machine, digital jet printing system, computer integrated ink jet weaving system, size mixing equipment and dyeing and finishing equipment, etc.

Printing Material
Digital printing ink, plastisol, printing paste, printing auxiliary, ABS, printing thickener, transfer paper, flock paper, hot stamping paper, glitter paper, adhesive, printing auxiliary and digital ink for textile apparel, etc.

Printing Product:
Transfer printing of textile and apparel, wide transfer printing of home textile, luggage and shoe lining printing, thermal sublimation transfer printing, tropical transfer printing, hot stamping, printing paper, transfer printing process and flora design, etc.

Supplier of digital printing software (computer integrated ink jet screen-making system, computer pink plate-making system, computer color matching system), flora design workshop, etc.

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We look forward to
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discussing the pain points and solutions on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading,
and opening a new chapter of textile industry together!
September 12-14, 2024
Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall Guangzhou

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