TSCI2024 TSCI2024 The 7th International Textile Supply Chain Industry expo

Event Overview

Time: March 21-23,2024
Venue: Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

>> Through years of organizing exhibitions throughout the country, our professionalism has created high quality exhibitions in the industry

As the most professional and efficient local one-stop textile and apparel supply chain exhibition platform, TSCI International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo has been deeply involved in the industry for six years. From Shanghai to Guangzhou, from East China to South China, it has blossomed everywhere, reaching 1.5 million+ fans in the vertical field of the textile and apparel industry!

The 7th International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo of 2024, is co-sponsored by Shanghai Funtex Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Mihong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., themed as “Establish a Textile Closed Ecosystem, Enter into a New World of Intelligent Textile”. Integrating the resources of the four industries, linking the upstream and downstream of the textile supply chain, the Expo will be held in Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 21-23, 2024.

The exhibition covers the whole textile industry chain products and services such as printing and dyeing industry, digital printing, textile embroidery, garment intelligent manufacturing and auxiliary system, focusing on advanced "intelligent " manufacturing technology, promoting new products, new technologies, new processes and new models. For textile and garment enterprises, it creates exchanges and cooperation and procurement opportunities, and promotes "new manufacturing" transformation and upgrading!

>> TSCI 2024: A Greater Scale, Focus on Supply Chain

>> Focus on the Key Textile Towns in East China and Glow the New Vitality of the Industry

Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province is the National Textile Industry Base County and the largest textile industry cluster in China. Shaoxing has seven famous textile towns, including Yangxunqiao, Maan, Qixian, Xialu, Qianqing, Lanting and Lizhu, and the world's largest textile product distribution center - China Textile City. We always say “If you want to know China textile, you better go to Shaoxing”.

The textile industry here is more than just spinning and weaving. From the upstream raw material petroleum processing, PTA, chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, home textile, garment, textile machinery, creative design, professional market and online market, textile trade, building economy, etc., have formed a strong industrial chain. The huge industrial cluster and product distribution market like two giant engines, provide inexhaustible power for the textile industry of Shaoxing and establish its leading position in China’s textile industry.  

The reason why we decided to organize exhibition in Shaoxing is to promote the upgrading of Shaoxing textile industry cluster, further integrate and extend the textile industry chain, promote the textile industry chain to climb to the high-end and extend to the terminal, so as to create a green, scientific and intelligent one-stop professional exhibition platform.

>> Digital online exhibition is fully launched: multiple empowers, online and offline integrated development, new business opportunities

TSCI has followed the trend since 2020, opened up online traffic and channels, and led the audience to experience the technology charm of the exhibition site in a 360° immersion way through the lens. Industry and media experts professionally analyze the technology products, cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, industry trends, trend information in the site... In 2023, the total number of viewers of TSCI live broadcast reached 438,248!

This new coming exhibition will be available for WeChat terminal and TikTok terminal mini program, and fully carry out the digital online exhibition of international textile supply chain. It will give full play to its media advantages, enhance economies of scale and fusion, and focus on user experience. And it will realize digital intelligence service, drive enterprise innovation and development, and help exhibitors to win customers through multiple channels!

Three Concurrent Exhibitions: Establish the All-round Ecosystem of Textile Supply Chain

1. International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition: Make printing simpler and more scientific

2. International Printing and Dyeing Industry & Functional Finishing Application Exhibition:One-stop solution to the industry pain points

3. International Fashion Digitalization Exhibition: Assist traditional clothing factories in the transformation and upgrading of "digital intelligence"

We look forward to
listening the voice of industry with you,
discussing the pain points and solutions on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading,
and opening a new chapter of textile industry together!
March 21-23,2024
Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

See You There!

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