TSCI2024 TSCI2024 The 7th International Textile Supply Chain Industry expo

>> International Textile Supply Chain Digital Online Exhibition

Digital online exhibition is fully launched: multiple empowers, online and offline integrated development, new business opportunities

TSCI has followed the trend since 2020, opened up online traffic and channels, and led the audience to experience the technology charm of the exhibition site in a 360° immersion way through the lens. Industry and media experts professionally analyze the technology products, cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, industry trends, trend information in the site... In 2023, the total number of viewers of TSCI live broadcast reached 438,248!

This new coming exhibition will be available for WeChat terminal and TikTok terminal mini program, and fully carry out the digital online exhibition of international textile supply chain. It will give full play to its media advantages, enhance economies of scale and fusion, and focus on user experience. And it will realize digital intelligence service, drive enterprise innovation and development, and help exhibitors to win customers through multiple channels!

>> 8 application scenarios of digital online exhibition, Continue to empower the exhibitors:

  • Live pre-Expo interview of exhibitors, special procurement matchmaking meeting for VIP, industry summit and other events, explore diverse games
  • Online platform exceeds time and breaks border, establish a new communication method between exhibitors and industry-related buyers
  • Continue to encourage by all kinds of gifts, invite with gifts, holiday marketing, enhance user’s activity.
  • The opening of online mall, you can directly sell your products, increase the profit point
  • Based on 16 major new media matrix of FunTex, access to more than 1.5 million industries
  • Vertical fans converge on the platform, bringing abundant traffic
  • Mini programs interconnects with the public account, moments, video account, TikTok, community and broadcasting room, which helps exhibitors to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and stimulates user communication
  • Pay for knowledge to inject new vitality into the industry
  • Based on the influence of TSCI offline exhibition, multi-end precipitation accelerates the accumulation of private domain, and the digitalization of buyers facilitates exhibitors to improve customer relationship maintenance and LTV management

We look forward to
listening the voice of industry with you,
discussing the pain points and solutions on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading,
and opening a new chapter of textile industry together!
March 21-23,2024
Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center

See You There!

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